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The twenty first Century presents new challenges for a radically transformed economy which is likely to have profound implications for the Technical Education & Vocational Trainings (TEVT). The TEVT system in Pakistan must adapt to the key features of emerging economic world order which includes Globalization and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Revolution.

Globalization generates new demands, structures and systems requiring new skills and knowledge. In today's global economy driven by knowledge, the foremost wealth of a firm is its human capital. Therefore, the Economic Development of a country strongly depends on the level of Human Development which in turn depends on the level of technically trained manpower. Skilled manpower results in improved productivity for Industry. A country with wide ranging Industrial base generates greater employment opportunities and reduced un-employment and poverty. For optimum performance by Industry, productive work-force is needed to meet economic and social objectives.

Mr. Syed Murad Ali Shah

Chief Minister, Sindh

Mr. Saleem Raza Jalbani

Chairperson STEVTA

Mr. Waseem Shamshad Ali


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